Activities/services of the Support Centers


The mission of the Support Center: is to act as a catalyst in the interconnection of knowledge generators, investment funds and market needs, to create new viable and rapidly growing companies that will provide high quality and useful products and services.

Purpose: the purpose of the creation and operation of the Support Center is to be the hub of interest and cooperation from three mutually reinforcing areas:

  1. a) the production of applied knowledge and solutions
  2. b) the investment funds seeking innovative solutions
  3. c) the new business schemes developing innovative applications

These three poles will feed the Support Center, which is responsible for the role of developing relations between the 3 parties, creating synergies, supporting the development and expansion of the planned solution in the market, the promotion and communication of the produced results to the society and the business world.

In the Gazelle project, 4 Support Centers at national level and their Balkan Network will be set in operation. Each Center will provide specific services to the selected companies, which will be selected with specific terms, criteria and conditions.

Startup Toolkit – Free Tools for Startups, SMEs, Angel Investors and Support Centers

StartupToolkit has been developed to serve the needs of the project. Its aim is the development and free sharing of the most useful tools for Startups & SMEs, Angel Investors and Support Centers. The goal behind the development of these tools is to help Startups & Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Angel Investors and Business Angel Networks (BANs), Support Centers & Technology Transfer Offices (TTOs) reinforce the cooperation between each other and speed up the acceleration process.

StartupToolkit includes tools for Ideation, Innovation, Strategy, Operation, Marketing, Legal, Intellectual Property, Presentation, Financial, Technology Transfer, Code of Conduct, and Valuation. The toolkit is only accessible to registered users.