Expected results

The project, in a nutshell, intends to produce the following tangible results:

  • Development of a transnational integrated mechanism facilitating “Gazelles” at an early stage of development by promoting access to a) finance and b) scientific knowledge and expertise that can be directly ‘put into action’.
  • Strengthened organizations that can support the creation of business angel networks
  • Transfer of best practices – development of integrated methodology – including tools for business angels and entrepreneurs / potential entrepreneurs, as well as know-how transfer tools
  • Encouraged cooperation between stakeholders to develop a business angel network in the BALKAN-MED region
  • Implementation of an intensive business acceleration program for selected innovative SMEs that is supported by two important institutions: the angel market and the technology transfer.
  • Policy updates and recommendation in the fields of technology transfer to SMEs, innovation as well as promotion and support of BANs.